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I first heard about this Dance Studio when my (now) husband took me to his daughter and niece's recital. It was moving. So moving, that I couldn't wait to sign my 6 year old up. She is now in her 3rd year of dance with a new dance added each year. She's had multiple teachers and faculty assistants. The time, professionalism and expertise of those that teach and assist with this program has proved to make for a wonderful experience and ultimately, a phenomenal recital at the end of the year. This program helps our children with confidence, exercise, communication and even relaxation as well as making new friends. My other daughter has now signed up for a class in the fall after she, too, went to her first recital this year.

Yes, there are some expenses, but there are also expenses in any sport or activity that children would be signed up to do. Signing up for one class with the tuition fees and costume is really no more than one would pay for any other sport in a 3 month season, let alone an entire 9 month period. There are incentives to register early to receive a discount and also a discount to pay tuition up front for the year. That doesn't seem to me to be a program that is all about making the money when they are losing to those that take advantage of the offer. Any activity a child would be in would require some sort of funding from the parents, and those (any) activities can't go on without those funds. I don't feel that their prices are unreasonable at all.

I've also met with the faculty and staff (including the owners) and I've gotten nothing but help, courtesy, respect and appreciation from them. Most of the teachers at Tap 'n Arts have returned to teach here... where they once took lessons, in hopes that other children have just as wonderful experience as they have had and learn to love dance as much as the teachers do.

I would recommend (I HAVE recommended) this Dance Studio to anyone that has a child that wants to have a wonderful experience learning to dance, work together with others, be respectful and make friends.

The end result (recital) every year proves how hard they ALL (Faculty and Students) work. The progress seen each year is undeniable and we look forward every year to the next Steppin' Out.

Tiffany S., Customer

I wanted to express to you just how much I appreciate the programs at Tap 'n Arts and you. When Molly approached me at age 9 and said she wanted to dance - I had no idea if she could find a place accepting of a 9 year old with no experience. Tap 'n Arts is that wonderful peace that feels accepting of all ages, genders, abilities, etc.

I truly believe every dancer there feels special and has confidence because of the approach you and the staff take. I have always been a firm believer that the leader / manager sets the tone for the rest of the tone for the rest of the group and you are a wonderful, positive, influence on the whole company. Also, I totally appreciate you having the assistant program. It is a wonderful way for the girls to learn responsibility, communication and so much more.

Again, thanks from the bottom of my heart for providing a safe, positive, creative environment for all your students.

Jen F., Customer

I danced at Tap 'n Arts when I was a kid and had some of the best experiences while meeting a lot of new people.

Arianna F., Customer

Tap 'n Arts is a wonderful studio offering a variety of dance styles. I danced at the studio since the age of five and loved every minute of it! The studio has a wonderful staff that loves dance and loves to share it with their students! I recommend Tap 'n Arts 110% and would not go anywhere else! It is a very wonderful place!

Alyssa M., Customer

My daughter takes six classes at Tap 'n Arts. That says it all - really. But I can say more! The teachers are amazing, the owner is delightful and the dance lessons are top notch. I wouldn't take my daughter anywhere else!

Bryna S., Customer

I danced at Tap n' Arts from when I was 3 years old, until I graduated high school. This dance studio has given me numerous opportunities. Not only did it allow me to advance in dance, it taught me many valuable lessons I use everyday. I was able to create lifelong friendships, learn responsibility, goal setting, time management, and professionalism. I learned how to be a leader and role model by being a faculty assistant during my time dancing. I was given an amazing opportunity to instruct classes which allowed me to continue to teach the skills that Tap 'n Arts taught me. I was able to advance in not one or two, but multiple styles of dance that are offered at the studio. The faculty is amazing and truly care about the students. This is hands down, the best dance studio. Tap n' Arts is much more than a dance studio, it is a family. This studio not only teaches dance, it teaches lessons that will always be used and valued.

Caleigh N., Customer

Tap 'n Arts had a very wonderful dance show, variety of music and the costumes were great! My daughter looks forward to coming back!

Elizabeth H., Customer

Tap 'n Arts is an amazing dance studio with a wonderful staff. The students learn more then just dance - they learn respect, discipline, integrity, responsibility and all while having fun. For that I will forever be grateful! Thank you for making all of this possible for my girls! You all have made the studio into a place we call our second home with people we call family.

Guillermina R., Customer

What a fantastic show! We're so happy to be part of the Tap 'n Arts family!

Jackie C., Customer

Tap 'n Arts and Kristin Foltz Petrou have blessed my family and I with dance for years. Not only was the studio home to my own little dancer, Rosemary, for 13 years. But I'm proud to have the Owner / Director, Kristin, serve as the Choreographer at the Palmyra Area High School where I serve as the Spring Musical Director.

Jasmine B., Customer

Some of my best memories are from the Tap 'n Arts Dance Studio. I danced there for over 10 years and had a very wonderful experience! All of the people at Tap 'n Arts, and the students I danced with, are like my family! After all this time I am still close with them. It's a bond that can never be broken! I love this dance studio and all that it has done for me!

Jill M., Customer

Yet again another great show! Standing room only at the Forum - unreal!

Julie S., Customer

A dance studio truly devoted to the art of dance education! My sincerest support from Cincinnati!

Kaelyn G., Customer

I truly appreciate all of the careful consideration given to the music and costume choices to maintain a wholesome and positive quality to their student's dance performances. We've been extremely happy with the caliber of instruction and overall philosophy of the Tap 'n Arts Dance Studio. The positive, unpretentious atmosphere reinforces the values we strive to instill in our own kids at home.

Kiesha H-P., Customer

Tap 'n Arts gave me my foundation in dance. I could not be any happier to call this dance school my hometown studio. They've provided me with the motivation and creative freedom to develop into the dancer I am today. I am so grateful for that! Getting my degree in dance and being a member of a professional dance company would never had happened if it were not for the incredible faculty and encouraging atmosphere at Tap 'n Arts. Definitely a 'must' for any one looking for a reputable dance school in central PA!

Kimmi A., Customer

Tap 'n Arts is the best dance school in Harrisburg! I practically grew up there! The students are always in great care and you will watch yourself grow both as a person and as a dancer. Plus, they have a variety of classes for all ages - even adults! If you're debating where to enroll your little dancer - look no further than Tap 'n Arts!

Marialana (recording artist), Customer

Tap 'n Arts Dance Studio gave my daughter the confidence, skill, grace, fun and some of the best friends she will ever have. It is such a huge part of our life!

Nancy S., Customer

THIS WAS THE BEST SHOW TO DATE! It continues to get better every year! Keep up the great work staff and students!

Nykkia B., Customer

Tap 'n Arts is a truly wonderful dance school in every way! I joined the studio during my senior year of high school and immediately felt as if I had danced there my entire life. There is a feeling of being at home while dancing. The studio's owner, instructors and students exude their love for dance during every class. Tap 'n Arts has a lot to offer and provides great challenges in technique and styles to help dancers at all levels excel!

Olivia C., Customer

This is so much more than a dance school. This studio is truly like a family. If you want your child to learn good technique, self discipline, time management while making life long friends then I would highly recommend it for you. Dedicated faculty, staff, and a caring director. I've had kids there for 20 years and they all have had an incredibly positive experience.

It is a place where my daughters learned about commitment, friendship, caring, discipline and fun. It is a stable and consistent place with caring instructors. The owner, Kristin Foltz Petrou, is laid back and always looks out for her students. It truly feels like family there. Simply the best experience we could ever have hoped!

Patti N., Customer

I have been teaching with Tap 'n Arts since 2009 in a variety of dance styles and levels, and cannot say enough great things about the staff and students. As an instructor, student, and performer, I have experienced many "walks of life," so to speak, and can honestly say that Tap 'n Arts is the most family-oriented and supportive environment in which I have ever been involved. Opportunities for professional development and community engagement are abundant for staff, as well as new learning experiences and teaching/performance opportunities for students. The instructors work well together and learn from each other, which certainly shows within the students. The students are passionate about dance and gain a lot of exposure from different dance and teaching styles. However, it is not just dance technique and performance skills that are taught and learned. Students also learn respect, responsibility, teamwork, and overall good character. I would recommend Tap 'n Arts 100% of the time to any family/student seeking dance instruction.

Sara M., Instructor

As a student and faculty assistant of Tap N Arts, I would describe my experience as nothing but excellent and pleasant. I have been dancing at this studio for 13 years and it is definitely family based. I have made life-long friends who have become my family and always have my back. In my experience as an assistant (I have taught pre-school tap for about 4 years), the younger dancers have an amazing experience and begin learning the basics, but they grow to become beautiful and wonderful dancers. I would go nowhere else to grow in my dancing experience. The staff members are very pleasant and always looking to help with the dancers experience. I would recommend Tap N Arts 10 out of 10 times to anyone looking for an accepting and welcoming place for their children to grow in dance.

Ava N., Customer

Seeing the studio from both the staff and family side this studio genuinely cares about its students, staff, and families. The teachers know their students beyond simply teaching them a few steps. They work with the parents to ensure that the children are moving up levels at the right time. Starting from age two through their senior year of high school, dancers have the opportunity to excel in their chosen forms of dance.

In terms of the recital, having two separate shows allows for a more relaxed show for the younger dancers and doesn't force a 2 or 3 year old to have to sit through a 3 hour recital. It also acts as an introduction to the stage and allows parents to sit with their younger children for the older kids show if they'd like for as long as they are able to with the ability to leave if needed.

f you are looking for a high quality dance education this is the place to go. The instructors were responsible for at least 5 high school musical's choreography in 2017 and bring the same high quality to their recital choreography as well.

Matt H., Customer

My daughter has been dancing at Tap 'n Arts for 6 years, we've never thought of going anywhere else. The owner ( Kristin) is very hands on and tries to help anyone that needs it. They don't need to do fundraisers (or other gimmicks) because their prices are already lower than every other dance studio around. The instructors are fabulous and the staff is friendly and helpful. My daughter spent everyday at the dance studio last season, this year she will be doing it again and I couldn't be happier!

Monica F., Customer

As a dance educator, I am impressed with the studio's professionalism and positive reputation both on and off the dance floor.

Rhonda F., Customer

Truly the BEST DANCE SCHOOL in central PA! My daughter thrived in her first year of dance at Tap 'n Arts. We are looking forward to many, many more years! It truly is like one big family. I am so thankful to have found such a great place for my daughter to grow, learn and experience all that the world of dance has to offer!

Sarah A. F., Customer

I have been dancing at Tap 'n Arts my entire life. They're great! They have a variety of classes for everyone!

Theresa I., Customer

I would like to thank all of the instructors at the Tap 'n Arts Dance Studio whom instructed my son over the years and helped prepare him for his first show at HCPAC (Harrisburg Christian Performing Arts Center)!

Toni F., Customer

I{ would sincerely like to thank Tap 'n Arts for all of the dedication and enthusiasm that the owners, instructors and staff have put into not only teaching dance, but all the important aspects of performing! Our family has a sincere love for the entire Tap 'n Arts "family". Dance has helped them (my three daughters) develop many things beyond dance such as organization, self-control, confidence, friendships, time management - just to name a few. We appreciate the opportunity to be involved with such a great dance studio!

Tracie S., Customer

All the performances were excellent at this year's dance show. I was very impressed with the support that the dancers had shown one another. The entire show was very well organized.

Wendy B., Customer
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